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Transferring global variables values from one userform to another

Discussion created by Binish Mohan on Oct 19, 2020
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Hi everyone, I want to transfer values from userform to another. I already created the global values in the module but there seems to be an issue with the transferring of the values to other userforms. My intention is to extract the coordinates when a user selects a face on the part and store it in the global variable. Then in a different userform, Userform1, I will use the extracted coordinates to place the parts in the designated coordinates. Declaration of global variables is done in the main module and usage of the extracted coordinates can be seen in Userform 1 (see screen shot below). Userform2, 3 and 5 are for extracting the coordinates based on the selection of point on the face by the user. I have also attached the codes and necessary parts. Do help me out on this. Much appreciated