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Recursive searching - options

Question asked by Andrew Canfield on Oct 18, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2020 by Francisco Guzman

When loading an Autodesk Inventor assembly, the ticker at the bottom of the window can be seen to be looking for .dwg (drawing files). The drawing files are not needed if a model modification is being carried out.

The files in the assembly also appear to pull in the drawing which they reference too.


It's not just one drawing which is found & latest version recover but many. Is there a way to make this optional to speed up loading times?


I've titled this question 'Recursive Searching' without really knowing if it's the correct term - recursive is to follow every branch, twig & leaf in a structure (?) when i'd just like a branch, a few twigs & no leaf's ( the assembly, sub assemblies & their parts - no drawings at this stage).


Hope this makes some sense, thanks in advance.