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Why does exist the concept of "Active Configuration"? Is that really important?

Question asked by Paolo Magalini on Oct 17, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by Paolo Magalini

Hello, I am still unable to completely understand why does solidworks has the concept of Active Configuration that is also reflected into the PDM Enterprise.

The reason why I am not able to grasp the concept is that if i have an AssemblyA that contains the PartA twice, one in Config1 and the other in Config2, to my understanding there is no reason why I should consider Config1 as Active and Config2 Not Active since both of them are used in the same time.

For sure there is something I cannot grasp here...I would appreciate if someone can give some clarification on this matter and why Solidworks use this concept, why it is important and what is useful for. It helps maybe with performances?


Thank you.