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"select method of range class failed" when creating a Design Table?

Question asked by Doug Rawlings on Oct 16, 2020
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I've got an assembly that has a 'Default' configuration for the final machine and several derived configurations for the assembly process and tooling used for the assembly. So some parts are suppressed in some configurations, there are extra parts in some, mates are suppressed and unsuppressed, some component patterns suppressed and unsuppressed, etc..


I had some issues with this and my VAR recommended that derived configurations wasn't the best way of doing this and that I convert them all to normal configurations. I mentioned using a Design Table but they suggested I'd be better off doing this by copy and paste -ing in the 'Configurations' sidebar. That does create a configuration at the parent level with the name "Copy of ..." but it isn't the same, some parts and patterns are unsuppressed so I have to then go through it again, which makes it more work than the problem I was originally trying to solve.


So I revisited the Design Table idea, using this post as a guide "Separate Derived Configuration". But I get an error message with "Select Method of range class failed". A partially populated Design Table does appear in the SolidWorks window but when I click anywhere else it closes and vanishes. The Design Table options are still there on the side but it won't do anything else. Looking at 'Configurations' shows the X next to them but no Design Table.


Does anyone have any suggestions?