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Stress On Last Set of Contact Nodes?

Question asked by Jordan Truitt on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by Shawn Mahaney

I have a setup where there's two annular plates being loaded against a pin. All no penetration contacts and high quality elements. I'm wondering how to deal with the what seems to be a singularity on the last set of nodes of the contact where the undercut on the pin starts.



I let the adaptive mesh run 6 iterations:


The stress is definitely not converging:


I see this every time I use contacts and generally discount it as a singularity just based on studying how it behaves and instead look at the nodes near it and the stress through the bulk of the material for actual failure or any strength concerns. Is it this due to the stress gradient from the force overhanging the contact creating point loading?


What is fundamentally going on at the edge of this contact causing this and is it possible to avoid or is it an artifact of using contacts in general?