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Assembly configurations question

Question asked by John Byrnes on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by John Byrnes

I have a question regarding assembly configurations. My company wants to be able to go into a master model and select the length, width, height among other parameters to build a new assembly for specific jobs.


I started out this project trying to use driveworks, but we already have all of the parts in our vault and my understanding is driveworks will create new parts files for each assembly.


I was wondering if I could use a design table or configuration publisher to select the needed parameters for the model and have it shown up. Also some pertinent information is that all of the parts we want to change from model to model are already configured. 


So for example, I would like to open the master model, and to change the length of the assembly have a drop down or something similar to select the length. The length would then drive all the needed parts into the correct configuration to get the desired length.


Thanks in advance!