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PDM Workflow transition via API on Viewer License

Question asked by Peter Ham on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by Wayne Matus

PDM Professional - 2018


I've written a small macro in Excel that searches for a file in PDM, then presents the dialog box to transition to a different workflow state. As part of the workflow transition, a number of different PDM tasks are run. (Creation of PDF, DXF, etc)


These tasks are run on a separate dedicated task host machine.


Having tested a few PCs, the macro appears to works without issue on PCs that have a CAD Editor license.

However on PCs that have Viewer licenses, all seems fine until the PDM tasks try to run. I get a "The supplied object ID is not valid" error message. The PDM tasks do not appear in the Task List.


This workflow transition works fine on all PCs if triggered via Right-Click > Change State.


Has anyone had any similar issues?

Any thoughts on what I can try to overcome this?


Our VAR has been as helpful as they can, but as its custom API related they are getting to the point of it being chargeable consultancy.