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Selecting all features of a particular type

Question asked by Roberto Neto on Oct 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by Roberto Neto

I need to supress all the swept-cut features in a part (there are hundreds of them). Of course selecting each one of them manually would be too time-consuming. I've tried using the filter on top of the feature tree but there's another issue with that: since all those swept cuts that I need to select are inside a library feature folder, they show up like the image attached.


So if I just hold shift to select them I'll be selecting the library features as well, and that's not what I want (I could also dissolve those library features to make it easier selecting the cuts, but that's not ideal).


Is there any other filter for features in solidworks that I don't know of? Or any other simple way to select and supress those specific features?