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Create flat pattern on 6pc duct elbow

Question asked by David McCullough on Oct 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by Frederick Law

I always seem to do stuff that software is just not designed to do... I am using SW2020 SP0. Does anyone know of a method or a macro that will arrange the flat patterns of a multibody part (ductwork elbow) on a drawing so that they can be cut out of sheet metal?


I have set up several different configurations and really do not want to have to manually arrange 6 different bodies for 26 different elbow sizes.


This screenshot is what I am wanting, but when the configuration is changed, the spacing and position is thrown off as seen in the next screenshot. I want the bodies to stay a predefined 0.250" apart and be aligned at the bottom left of the sheet (the origin). Is this even possible to automate?


I thought about maybe putting the part into an assembly 6 times and setting mates between each body, but hiding and showing bodies and managing configurations appears to become equally as difficult as manually arranging. If I hide a body in one instance of the part, it hides it in all instances.


Any thoughts or suggestions?