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solidworks tab control by document type

Question asked by Elizabeth Plasencia on Oct 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by Elizabeth Plasencia

Hi all,


I created a Solidworks data card for my Solidworks drawings and added a tab control with different tabs, one for each Solidworks file type (one for parts and one for assemblies).

what I want to achieve is to control de visibility of the tabs according to file type. For instance, if I am creating a drawing for a .sldprt, I want the drawing data card to show the tab designed for .sldprt. Similarly, if I created a drawing for an assembly, I want the drawing data card to show the tab created for assemblies.

I would like the process to be automatic rather than having the person choose the file type (sldprt or sldasm) they've created.

I've been looking a several options but no success so far..


Any suggestions?? Many thanks!