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Solidworks 2017 Crash Issue

Question asked by Jay Shah on Oct 13, 2020

One of our design user is working with a large assembly in solidworks, it crashes the solidworks application.


There is one more issue with all of our design users, whenever any design user is opening 2nd window in solidworks (.sldprt, .sldasm and .drw files), it crashes the solidworks application.


1. How do I capture information about the crashes so that I can get more specific help?
2. What can I do to figure out what the problem is?

3. Why such crashing is happening everyday?

4. About solidworks crashing - what is normal and acceptable and what is not ?

5. Solidworks performance tuning settings for users?


System:  i7 7th Gen 32GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, P600 2GB graphics card, operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional X64. (Dell Precision 3620)


Version: SOLIDWORKS Professional 2017 x64 Edition, SP 5.0


Any help, guidance and support would be greatly appreciated.