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Trying to create a modular assembly that sub assembly parts/features are controlled by a top level assembly design table.

Question asked by Sam Cain on Oct 13, 2020

I'm currently working on a modular assembly with several sub assemblies all driven by a 'Skeleton' part ('top down assembly'). I want to be able to control the Skeleton models features (planes etc) to be controlled via a design table on the top level assembly and not have to be controlled via separate tables at each separate sub assembly/part. Can this been done? I had previously attempted to put the planes, sketches etc. that are now in the 'Skeleton part' as present on the top level assembly, but when sketches were 'supressed' derived sketches and parts referenced to them remained.


The ultimate idea is it will be a full lift assembly where an excel spreadsheet can determine things like shaft sizes, and (the bit I'm stuck on) the amount of floors can be removed/added.