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graphic card/Rx mess

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Oct 12, 2020

Not a question as such more an observation.


I go into Rx and see that as current Driver it's mentioned that I don't have R440 installed.

This is weird because I checked my driver when I installed 2020 SP4 and I would have sworn that I installed a R440 version of it. Oh well. My memory must be wrong.

Let's click on the link to see what the VideoCardTesting.html page recommends...

Aha ! Recommended driver is R440. Could explain why I'm having issues. Of I go to the download page to get the recommended driver.



umm... so R440 means that I'm actually installing 443.66.

Oh well... don't try to make sense of it, just do it.

Downloaded, installed. Now let's check Rx again


What the....


So R440 is known as R387 in Rx. How does that make sense ?

And again, even although all components are certified to work nicely with Solidworks the Rx tells me my config is unknown because it can't recognize an HP Z4.


Was this a program that had it's maiden release +6 months ago I perhaps would understand but not for a program that has been around for several decades. On top of it this is SP4. Not SP0.


What use is Rx if it drops the ball on something as basic as recognizing the system or the graphics card and fumbling the version numbers on the graphic card driver ?

Will they ever actually make his work again or have the powers that be just giving up and don't care anymore?