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Tab & Slot feature driving me nuts!!!

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Oct 12, 2020

Solidworks 2019

First time trying to use Tab and Slot feature (honestly didn't know it was there - and thinking I might want to forget it is). Might have a couple questions in this one post.


Working in an assembly and trying to add tabs and slots in sheet metal components as I bring them together in an assembly. Everything looks perfectly fine in the model as I am doing this...however, when I switch over to individual parts to make adjustments or create the drawings for these parts, my tabs aren't there or the slots aren't there.


1) In an assembly state, do I need to make the tabs/slots independent of the model? No, this isn't a right-click option, so I am assuming there would be some other name or step to relate if required


2) How do I make these features stay after creating them?.


3) I have multiples of the same part that needs to be inserted in to the model. When I create the tab and slot for the first piece, the tabs are automatically created for the remaining inserted do I create the slots for these pieces?