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Why SEHException exception is coming in C# add-in?

Question asked by Laxman Warpe on Oct 11, 2020

I have add-in in C#. It contains the separate tree view and tree node operations. Add-in has separate material database in xml format. The material operations are done by serialization and deserialization. The material fields are shown on pmp page and some operations like changing values and selecting dropdown values are done on the pmp page.

 While doing the continuous operations like changing material-> close pmp-> then change another material. After some operation the all SOLIDWORKS as well as Add-in operations are not working. In visual studio output it is showing:  'System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException' in SW_Interfaces.dll

 After that if I tried to select the tree node SOLIDWORKS crashes and gets closed. In visual studio output shows sometimes memory out of exception or target invocation exception . 

The exceptions are not coming at particular line of code. 

I know that from above explanation it is difficult to understand the issue without code. But still is there any guess why it is happening and possible causes.