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New features automatically suppress

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Oct 12, 2020

On occasion, we have parts that have new features that suppress on their own when switching to an assembly and back.  Most times, the user has saved the part after adding new features, switches to the assembly (not sure if they update the assembly when switching) but then when they switch back to the part, the new features and even some of the related features have suppressed. 


If we open the saved part, the features are suppressed, we un-suppress the features, save the file and everything is fine, even going into the assembly and back.


Now a user has a part that he was going to add a split to, and the part rebuilt while starting the “split” command. It had 3 suppressed features that are new to the part and were un-suppressed prior to starting the “split” command.


We have seen this for many versions of SW, no rhyme or reason, no resolution through the VAR or even when SolidWorks got involved, no way to intentionally repeat it.


Currently using SW2020 sp4, just installed a couple of months ago and still get this.


Since this has happened several times a year, and on different users parts, i am just trying to see if anyone else has seen this.  Seems like I had found something similar on the forum last year but cannot find it now.


any thoughts?