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BOM Part Number Incorrect

Question asked by Stephen Braker on Oct 9, 2020
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For some strange reason, I have recently had some assemblies that show the incorrect part number and information on a BOM after being copied from another model.

We commonly use the "Pack&Go" feature to make copies of assemblies and parts from a reference to a new project group so we can modify dimensions for the new project.  Sometimes, after copying to a new file set, a BOM has the wrong information on a line item.

The part number is shown incorrectly in the BOM and custom property fields get modified on the part to the properties from the random part number that is shown.  In order to correct the issue, I have to open the part and change the custom properties back manually.  This corrects the property fields in the BOM, but the part number is still shown incorrectly.  In the image below, it shows the part number "P-TW1106_NPC" in the BOM, while the actual part that opens from this line is "H-HHN24AG.SLDPRT".  The properties in this image have already been corrected, but originally the custom properties of "H-HHN24AG.SLDPRT" were modified to those of the other part "P-TW1106_NPC.SLDPRT".

Hardware is kept in its own folder since it is common to multiple projects.  For our project group items, the same part numbers get repeated often with a change to the 3-letter project code ("_NPC").  During Pack&Go, all hardware items are unchecked so they do not get copied to the new project folder.  All parts, assemblies, and drawings with the 3-letter project code get assigned a new project code in the Pack&Go operation.  It seems that this issue is most commonly linked to a re-number on an actual hardware part.


This issue is very frustrating, since the part number cannot be corrected for a proper BOM export to Excel.  Additionally frustrating is that the properties of the problem hardware get modified to those of some random part (P-TW means it is a tower part and P-TW1106 happens to be ASTM A36 L-angle).  The original hardware part is somehow being saved over during the Pack&Go, even though the hardware parts are unchecked during the operation.


Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.