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Properties modified by Pack&Go

Question asked by Stephen Braker on Oct 9, 2020

We are having an issue with SolidWorks 2017 SP 1.0 when using Pack&Go to copy parts and assemblies for modifications between projects.


I have developed custom properties that are linked to model information to easily add information and automate change-follow-through to avoid missing details.

One property uses equation variables that are linked to dimensions of a sketch to show the dimensions in the property with a link to the actual model geometry.

The example pictured below is for a Square Tube.  "SIDE01" and "SIDE02" are variables defined in the Equation Table that are equal to the defining dimensions for the sides of the tube geometry.  "THICK" is the same, but for the thickness of the tube geometry.

In the custom properties tab, I have set the "Value / Text Expression" to what is shown in this image:

This has worked very well for making sure the material shape call-out on the drawing reflects the actual geometric dimensions even after changes to the geometry.


The issue I have is that we use the "Pack&Go" feature to make duplicates between projects that can be modified for the new project.  When this is done, the "THICK@PART.SLDPRT" changes from an Equation-Table-variable link to just the text output value on the part being copied.  This results in a copied part that show the "Value / Text Expression" to be as follows from the previous example image:


The link to the variable "THICK" is lost, so changes to thickness will cause discrepancy between the model geometry and the material shape call-out.


After copying a project group with multiple parts and assemblies, I have to manually check all "MaterialShape" properties to correct back to links to the variables.  This usually only happens for the third variable link when present.


Any ideas why this happens?  Is there an easy way to correct this issue?  It is really troublesome to have automation that is not reliable for its intended purpose.