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Difference between these icons?

Question asked by Huzefa Awan on Oct 10, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2020 by J. Mather

I am practicing for the CWSP exam and recently learned how to use the contour select tool. When I first used it to make a part I did it properly, selecting each contour and raising it using the extrude arrow with Instant3D. Every time I would extrude a contour, it would automatically make a new boss but I could continue to select other contours and make more bosses. I was working on another part today and when I tried to use the contour select feature, it would exit the sketch after making the first boss. I could make a shared sketch by selecting the Extrude feature and using the previous sketch as the entity, picking the contour I wanted. However, this process was a lot longer because after each extrusion, it would exit the sketch and I have would have to create a new extrusion manually. I noticed that the two icons for the shared sketches were different. The two images are shown below, the first being the proper contour select shared sketch icon, and the second being the manual extrude shared sketch icon. If you know what the difference between these icons is, and how I can prevent it form happening again so I can use the contour select tool more seamlessly, please let me know.

Thank you