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Guide Curves and Loft Extrudes

Discussion created by Collin Zeng on Oct 8, 2020
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I am attempting to create this part:


The planes are all evenly spaced at 2 inches apart. 



I was given these sketches of the faces. 



What I did was to first create my 5 planes. I then used the midpoint line tool to create the line to the proper dimensions. I then used the circle tool and added the appropriate relationships to constrain the circles in creating the "venn diagrams." I finally used the power trim tool to remove the unnecessary parts of the circle. 


I am puzzled, however, by several things. One, there are 5 planes, but only 4 "faces" or cross-sectional profiles have been defined. Second, it's fairly obvious that this part involves the use of guide curves when lofting. However, there seems to be too little information to properly define the guide curve. There's a bunch of curved lines, but no associated diameters or radii given. 


The shell thickness of the part is 0.2 inches. The shell feature was fairly straightforward to use. My confusion lies with correctly lofting the part.