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What do you think if I modify the Toolbox model files adding some Custom Properties that will be useful for our PDM data card?

Question asked by Paolo Magalini on Oct 8, 2020

Good Morning, the company I work for is transitioning from Inventor to Solidworks. I explored the toolbox and overall I believe is a great tool and I wish to accomplish some task I am not sure I can do properly.

Beside modifying the toolbox with the ToolBox Settings (adding properties) I would also add some "hard wired" custom properties to the file models so I can use some dimensions or suppression state to generate some custom properties that would be linked to PDM data card.

I am well aware that if I overwrite that files with new ones provided by new SW version I would lost my edits but I would like to know if any of you has took the freedom to modify the original models or if it should be considered a stupid choice in the long run.