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I am having a problem with the Windows 10 Jumplist

Question asked by Skeeter Ebersole on Oct 8, 2020

I have Solidworks pinned to my taskbar, if I right click and select a recently opened file from the jumplist, it opens a different file from the jumplist.

I'm not sure that it is solely a Windows problem, because everything else I have pinned to the taskbar opens the correct file. Anyone seen anything like this? 


I tried to turn off the jumplist and turn it back on. Of course it clears but even opening one file and closing it then selecting that lone file from the jumplist it still opens a different file.

The file it swaps has nothing in common with the file I'm trying to open, different name, different file location, different type of model altogether. 

I've searched online a lot and found other types of jumplist problems listed, but nothing like what I'm experiencing.