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PDM standard version control and revision control

Question asked by Lalitha Srilal Kannangara Arachchige on Oct 8, 2020

I do have some issues with the practice on PDM standard;


I am using PDM for the basic version and revision control on my workstation (I act as the designer and the approved person).


1. I had perform rebuilt > save > check-in after the modification. But if I perform rebuilt/save after checkout without any changes to the part it identifies as a new version (as below picture). should I need to perform another version? if not, how to handle this situation?



2. If I had some changes in a part and trying to check-in through the assembly associated it shows that the part and associated drawing (sub-assemblies that part include in case) should need to be rebuilt. then I have to open each of one and rebuild separately. Is this the way to handle it? 


ps: think If I have a part with the drawing and that part is in 5 or more sub-assemblies with drawings. If I made a change to that part then, therefore, that rebuild should be done to whole 5 sub-assemblies + drawings, part + drawings, main assembly + drawing? is that the way to move forward?



3. If I had the above situation, and if I made approval to one part of the assembly it will generate PDF (which set to do automatically) as a revision A. but when I tried to approve assembly or associate drawing it shows that the associated parts are in a different state and not allow it? how does handle the situation then?