Jason Capriotti

Sync revisions for Models and Drawings

Discussion created by Jason Capriotti on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Mike Sveda
We currently work off a network. The part/assy files have the revision property and the drawing does not, its titleblock just has a note linked to the model parameter.

With Enterprise, we plan to store the revision on each file now (Drawing, assy, part) but wonder how we should go about keeping them in sync with each other. Do other companies do this?

I've worked at another company where the drawing, model, and part item in the PDM (eMatrix) were all at different revisions which makes sense as you have changes that affect just the drawing and nothing else and vice versa. I mentioned that here and everyone freaks. The concern is how would we know which revision goes with what. To this company, the drawing "is" the part and if the part is revision "D", then the drawing should be the same. Maybe its because we still deal with a lot of paper.