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SW Add-ins Local Admin Rights Requirements

Question asked by Joshua Kage on Oct 7, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by Joshua Kage

We have an add-in solution that was built-in house.  As many have encountered in the past, registering the add-in DLL's requires local admin rights, of which, we are trying to remove from end users.  The initial installation is not a problem as we can push this out using an SCCM solution.  The add-in has an update mechanism that was built into it that will check versions and auto-update if a new release has been approved.  However, when we an update is needed to correct bugs or add new features, the program unregisters the dll's and then registers them again with the newly copied DLLs.  This then requires admin permissions again on the local pc.


Have any of you solved this issue or have a suggestion on how to overcome said problem?  Perhaps there is a way to keep the original DLL's registered and call out to additional DLLs that do not need to be registered so they can be swapped as needed without interfering with the initial registration.


Any insight the community may have is greatly appreciated!