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Manufacturing Effectivity

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Jason Capriotti
We are trying to map out our workflow and one thing that concerns us is the workflow transition from Engineering Release to Manufacturing Release.

When we finish the drawings on an ECO in engineering, they go through "Review", then "Release". However, they would not be, or rather should not be viewable by the factory until the Mfg engineers have implemented the changes.

So Revision A of a drawing is checked out, changes are made and it is checked in and submitted for "Review". Product Engineering signs off and the ECO with drawings transition to "Released" and the Revision goes to "B".

Now the problem, should there be another state "Mfg Released"?

The problem is that engineering may need to begin working on the drawing again for another ECO change, except that Mfg still needs to implement the previous ECOs changes. If we were to allow a transition from "Released" back to "Inwork" on an ECO to get ready for Rev C, Mfg could no longer transition the previous revision to "Mfg Released". They can sometimes sit on implementing drawing changes for months.... some of our drawings have 3 revisions waiting on Mfg to implement. Meanwhile, engineering has to keep on moving.

Maybe this should be a checkbox somewhere saying its implemented in the factory? If so, can we keep the shop floor from seeing the newer revision until its checked?