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Automatic PLC Drawing Macro

Question asked by Jeremiah White on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by Jeremiah White

I am attempting to diversify our Automated PLC functionality by adding Macros for time efficiency. I've created a few Macros from a Mixed Scheme, see attachment. They are saved in User Created Classes under Macros/PLC Inputs Outputs. I do not want to add these to a PLC configuration. Instead, I want to randomly select a macro from the PLC Manager tool.


--- However, when I select the option "Select a Macro." the Macro Selector tool displays none of our Macros, see attachment. --- 


As far as I know there is one way to create Macros. That is to drag drawn material into the Macro Resource Panel. Then assign its Name, Class, Library, and Description. Is there anything wrong with the type or location of these macros, i.e. Mixed Scheme vs Other, PLC Inputs Outputs, User Created sub-Class?