Olli Murto

Join CT World Online for FREE - learn and win a cool prize!

Discussion created by Olli Murto on Oct 7, 2020

We are arranging a FREE online event called CT World 2020 between the 20th - 22nd of October. 




Join us for your chance to:

 interact with our talented CUSTOMTOOLS team

 deepen your expertise by discussing with other users and resellers about the topics that interest you the most

 educate yourself with all the possibilities CUSTOMTOOLS has to offer.


The online event is FREE, but the amount of participants is limited, so act fast!


...specifically, this year, the top themes of CT World will be…

  1. new features in CUSTOMTOOLS and how you get the maximum value out of the product
  2. CT PUBLISHER: features and customer stories of our online publishing platform
  3. Our newest offering for SOLIDWORKS PDM - that is, new feature introduction and how-to start using them
  4. One of the hottest topics currently: integrating your Solidworks CAD to your ERP system
  5. And for inspiration - Customer stories: “how others benefit from CT” - maybe YOU can pick up some excellent ideas here!