Kalle Seppälä

Is there a way to get xml/xsl preview to work in web2 PDM?

Discussion created by Kalle Seppälä on Oct 6, 2020



We have implemented ECO process which currently uses a Word document as a support but most of the action takes place with the data card. However, the data card view in web2 PDM is not very user friendly, since it currently doesn't allow any UI formatting.


To solve this, I created a xml file for the ECO as a trial and got it working nicely with xsl stylesheet that is also stored in the PDM. The preview works when viewing with the normal File Explorer. This is not the case when using the web2 preview, it seems that it wants to present xml file similarly as Word or pdf, in page view with just the raw xml content as text without using the xsl template to format the content.


Is there any way to get this working with the web2 PDM? I feel the "normal" users, who we wish to engage more with the web2 PDM, will not be too excited if they have to browse through the data card list of all 50+ variables to find what they are looking for compared to the situation where they could view the preview and easily see all the data at one glance.


We just updated our SW to 2020 SP4.