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Array of Equation driven Features

Discussion created by David Mishchenko on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by Rob Edwards

I am looking for a way to use equations to "procedurally" create part features. In my particular instance, I want to create an array of circles whose size depends on the distance from the origin. I tried using the equations to set up one of the circles to calculate its own diameter based on its location from origin and then I used linear pattern to create an array of circles in one direction at equal spacing in hopes each circle in the array would change its diameter "procedurally" yet that is not how the tool works. Is there a way I could make an array of features which behave this way?


Maybe instead of procedural sketches there is a way I could do procedural features instead?


Here's how I want the array of circles to appear:


And this is how it appears when using the linear pattern to duplicate the first circle: