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Solidworks not searching subfolders when using rename function?

Question asked by Ben Crichton on Oct 6, 2020

I'm needing to rename a large number of files in our library, but am having trouble with the Solidworks Utilities rename function, which does not seem to be searching subfolders for other files which reference the one I'm renaming.


When attempting to rename a file which is referenced in parent assemblies located in other folders, the "Where used" dialogue box will not not list these assemblies, despite selecting the top directory of our library and selecting the include subfolders option. Hence my thinking that Solidworks isn't actually searching subfolders.


If I add the exact folder that I know the parent assembly is in, then it will be picked up, however doing this for every file which needs to be renamed is extremely tedious and almost renders the renaming/search function useless. 


Has anyone found a way to make this work? I know I can add every single folder to the search paths quickly via a registry key edit, but would rather get this function to work as intended...