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Electrical Component Creation

Discussion created by Ilia Bulgak on Oct 5, 2020
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How does everyone create their own electrical components? Do you only use models that come from manufacturing part library or do you use your models and convert them into electrical 3D components? If you create your own, could you share how you do it? I have found several tutorials on the creation of electrical components, but all of them seem to be using 2012 SolidWorks versions. There, they use "Electrical Component Wizard", but when I press that button (SolidWorks Electrical 3D tab), the Routing Library Manager gets called, which has little to do with the creation of electrical components. The face that I can't link my models to the 3D schematic makes SWE about as useless as it can be. I'd hate to have to draw all my wires with splines, so if anyone has ways that they use to wire the diagrams without creating their own electrical components (or maybe even a way to create electrical components!) please let me know!


I have tried using SW 2020 both SP2.0 and SP4.0 for this.


Much thanks!:)