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Using Configuration Bill of Materials Options to map a variable

Question asked by Elizabeth Plasencia on Oct 7, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by The Merovingien

Hi, all!

In our company we categorised assemblies in different manners. One way we use to categorise them is to choose whether or not to show or hide child components when used as a subassembly (Default Config > Configuration Properties > Bill of Materials Options). Basically by picking one option or the other we know what type of assembly we are dealing with. See pictures attached


I would like to use those Bill of materials options to activate a radio button control in the assembly data card. The process should be as follows:


If  we choose ‘’Hide’ under Bill of Materials Options, the Assembly Type is a Manufactured Assembly. If we choose ‘Show’, is a GA / Sub /Machine Assembly. Currently, the Radio Button Control is governed by a variable called 'Assembly Type' (although that does not have to be the case).


How would I go around using those bill of materials options to pick the type of assembly? They don’t seem to be standard Custom Properties, but they have to be properties of some kind that I can use for my controls or variables in my data cards, I would think.


I appreciate if you give me some guidance on the subject. Perhaps I’m on the wrong path and I need a macro or a task to achieve what we want, but that is the advise I need from you.


Thank you all!!