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Linking Notes to Tables

Question asked by Keith Graham on Oct 5, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by Matthew Lorono

I've noticed some odd behaviour when it comes to the somewhat newish "link note to table cell" function within drawings. I'm running SW2020 SP4.


First Linking to a table cell should as  implied to "a Table Cell" not only a BOM table Cell. Leaving that generic implies there is more functionality that exists.


Linking to a General table cell should be allowed just as all the other possible tables...(hole table, cut list, weld table etc..)


Second if linking to a BOM table was the goal of this functionality it should ..function....


I've noticed that linking to a BOM table cell works until the Model is loaded... then that bom links vanish. so if you're loading your model with the drawing and saving to a PDF.  Your links to the BOM wont show....

I doubt that's intended functionality..?


Figured I'd post this as a heads up to anyone who runs into this issue. so when your linked notes vanish.. load the drawing but not the model...