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Why does Solidworks refuse to open these imported files while Fusion 360 has no issues?

Question asked by Rick Casey on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2020 by Rick Casey

Got this step file from a customer. SWX 2020 gave me the "invalid record index" error. I did the trick in Notepad, replacing the "PRESENTATION_STYLE_ASSIGNMENT" lines with "PRES". It opened, but some of the components were way out of scale.


I requested a Parasolid .x_t file from the customer. This time I got the "inconsistent modeler version" error. Rather than embarrassing myself by asking the customer for yet another export format, I fired up my expired subscription of Fusion 360. Opened both files like a champ.


Any ideas why Solidworks doesn't want to play nice? I've tried turning 3D Interconnect on and off to no avail. Guess I'll renew my Fusion 360 subscription for a month to get through this project.