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How to stop "true" dimension always and forever?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by Frederick Law

Many of us have had the disaster of "true" dimension occurring on some drawing views (typically views created on a face of the part, or current model view) and have many kg or even tons of scrap parts to prove it.


I saw so many complaints here.


I see people running macros to correct these "true" dimension issues as part of their drawing issue process, to stop wrong ("true") dimensions sneaking through and causing huge losses in time and scrap.


So, is there STILL not a way to banish those not so "true" dimensions always and forever for those of us who always create the correct engineering projected views and NEVER make micky mouse dimensions on isometric and trimetric views?

Is there STILL no way to make ANY "true" dimensions appear automatically in a different colour or font so every one knows they might be completely misleading? (yes, users have created Macros to do this to catch the pesky wrongness Solidworks created for us, not the same thing is it! - That is us working round a problem solidworks has created!) 

I read this from 2016, and all the problems are still with us in 2020, still creating all that scrap metal for those who accidentally missed that pesky setting, and it was there from the beginning. It really makes me want to cry. Especially when I read yet another support renewal email asking for ££££ ($$$$).

Solving this one would be such a simple thing, it really is low hanging fruit, it would save a lot of heart ache, missed deadlines, and angry bosses. Angry bosses who are paying that annual maintenance fee.


But the real reason is solidworks thinks they are right, and us people working in the real world out here are wrong.

If only it was economic to ship all the scrap produced due to this madness to their door!