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Pdm Pro data cards property input.

Question asked by robert dattilo on Oct 2, 2020
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     We use Pdm Pro, & its been a good experience, including the data cards, but one thing about the data cards, is they seem to create a lot of work. I’m wondering, do people in general tend to input the information at the @ which I believe is the custom properties, or the configuration properties, like the default or whatever config. I’m thinking most don’t do each config., if there’s 12 configs. or whatever. For us a lot of the basic custom properties don’t change from one config., to another, & that would seem to be extremely laborious to maintain.

     I know all the drawings just have the @ sign to fill things out, but I’m thinking of moving more toward using the @ with the parts, & assemblies as well. This would be partly, to have a more uniform way of doing this. Any thoughts on what’s used, & why, & any advantages/ disadvantages for all? This wasn't real well thought ought before we started.

Thanks in advance for any input,

Rob_D SW 2019_Sp5