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PDM/storage for non cad, large files

Question asked by David Lane on Oct 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by Paul Wyndham

I have been trying to setup something for a friend's small company so they can share files between each other. They just had everything on 4 external hard drives, 2 of which are having major issues. The files are mostly all video files. Most of the videos are below 10GB, but there are some that get quite large. There's also some project files for video editing applications.


Option 1

Initially I tried using NextCloud in a Ubuntu VM Guest. It was an incredible pain to get everything setup, has issues with large files, and is difficult to work on projects in applications. Syncing the folders to the local user folder is a pain as well, because a project folder alone could be 1TBish in size.


Option 2

We were contemplating using a service such as OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc. and paying for the minimum number of users to get the unlimited storage. Roughly $50/month. Pros of this are the servers are going to be far more reliable, and managed 24/7. Cons are the $50/month will add up to $600 a year for which I could build a new server for the same amount.


Option 3

FTP site... really don't want to do this as I don't think it would be intuitive for the less technical.


Option 4

Microsoft Sharepoint site... well I looked into this but have no idea how to even begin the setup. It's probably actually easier than NextCloud, but Microsoft Documentation is absolutely horrible for noobs.


Option 5

I was thinking PDM may be an option. The benefits I see are version control, get latest (only sync what's needed), can clear cache (remove what's not needed anymore). Server components are on Windows instead of Ubuntu. And I already have a lot of experience in managing it (although definitely not an expert). The drawbacks I see are it's not free, where used/contains details wouldn't populate without manually pasting the files as reference, I'd have to train the users on PDM procedures, and PDM is kind of stupid when it comes to Outlook and Windows 10.



Which option would you use? And if you know of some options I've not considered, I'd love to hear them.