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Feature Linear Pattern update problem

Question asked by 将 也 西 田 on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on May 30, 2009 by 将 也 西 田

Now I'm trying to learn Top-down design,
and I have trouble to change Linear Pattern Instance Count from Assembly Design Table:
Design Table change doesn't update linear pattern in part file correctly.

Reference flow in my case is:
Design Table(Assy) <- Sketch(Assy) <- Sketch(Part) <- Equation(Part) <- Linear Pattern(Part)

When Design Table(Assy) was rewrited, the result of Equation(Part) and before are
updated correctly, but Linear pattern(Part) not updated.

Rebuild of assembly file doesn't work this also.
Open and rebuild the part file works and update correctly.

I don't understand why like this. Does anyone know which is wrong in my way?
My VAR doesn't understand my question and finally said "open each part file and rebuild".

Attached files are Sample (one assembly and one part).
Masaya Nishida
SW2009 SP3.0