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Turning off error message on constraints?

Question asked by Jim Moses on Oct 1, 2020



Well dealing with dumb solids and the customer keeps changing the files and the short of it is we get to remate everything and keep getting this error message on the mates and hangs my cursor from editing the feature to correct it, not to mention I already know a error by the red "X" icon on the mate.



so how do you turn these things off, I remember way back in one version of Solidworks you use to get text to select like "Edit Feature" and was easy to select now you have to use icons that never seem to be easy to grab due to some other message or icon on the screen, god knows how many times I have suppressed or hid something just trying edit a feature or sketch.


Anyhow how do I either add this to the message list to dismiss or is there another toggle for these.