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Scary Halloween Question: Do you put BOM Tables on your assembly drawings?

Question asked by Matthew Lorono Employee on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2020 by John Stoltzfus

Here's a super scary Halloween question very everyone, just in time for spooky October fun!  Do you put BOM tables on your assembly drawings? 


Although this question may seem obvious to many, there are caveats that make the reasons for your answers different than others.  I'm interested in all of that.  


Examples of why to add BOM tables to drawings:

  • You use the assembly drawing as the only definition for your assembly (no PLM or other product management software)
  • You use the assembly drawing to communicate composition to downstream groups who later add this information to your PLM.
  • You use the assembly drawing only for internal communication or personal reference.
  • Tradition dictates adding a BOM table, even if the information is redundant to actual driving processes (such as your PLM). 
  •  Something else?  Let us know!

Examples of why not:

  • If you have a PLM, you may wish to avoid putting BOMs on drawings so that information is not stated redundantly (multiple records for the same info).
  • You may place the BOM table directly on the assembly itself, and it isn't needed on the assembly drawing. 
  • Maybe you don't even make assembly drawings‽ Perhaps you don't make an assembled product; or you manage the assembly of product so well, that all the information comes directly from PLM and work instructions without the need for a drawing; or MBD
  • Something else?  Let us know!


Maybe isn't not all or nothing, but "Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't"?


I'm as interested in your answers, and I am in your responses to answers from others!