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Need to know how Solidworks (or pdm) uses the configuration for purchasing parts

Question asked by Shawndra Products on Sep 29, 2020

I want to have a part that is purchased as the main part number (example) 027-12-0xs-10-000.

This part then gets modified by our own shop so it has a configuration which renames the part 027-12-0xs-10-00M.

Should this part be a derived configuration or just a config? What controls when you use a config or a derived config?


We would purchase the 027-12-0xs-10-000. The shop would see that part as the -00M on a build document. If we were to use a derived part instead of a different configuration then how does it allow for a part number that reflects that the item is modified?


On a BOM it needs to show the 00M but I do not want to have an indented BOM in order to show purchasing to only buy the 000. Please give clarity as to how to specify a top level purchased component and then show it as a modified one in the Shop drawing BOM. (We only use the SHOP drawing to order from currently).


Currently we do the following: buy 027-12-0xs-10-000. Specified in the BOM as 027-12-0xs-10-00M (M = 3/4" hole drilled) description would be: Head - 12" sch xs (.500), the description only references the purchased component because we don't want purchasing to go looking for a part with a 3/4" hole pre-drilled.