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Appearances not sticking

Question asked by Patrick Mueller on Sep 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by Christian Chu


I have been working on some assemblies and when setting up appearances, they seem to fail upon reopening. Either the color will change to a different color (an older versions color) or it will lose it's color completely. When I open the file on one computer it will look one way and when it is opened on a different computer moments later it's appearances are different. The colors aren't random but either 1 of 4 things will happen. 

1. It opens just fine.


2. It opens showing the color it was previously set to. During the work, the assembly was removed of all appearances and the new ones were set and saved. Upon reopening, the old colors are showing again. When looking at the appearances dropdown, both colors are chosen. One for the part and one for the body. The one for the part was originally removed but it keeps coming back no matter how many times we delete it and save.


3. The assembly opens and there is no appearance on the part at all. It shows up grey.


4. The color is "correct" in terms that it is green but it is the wrong shade.



Has anyone run into this before? Is there a fix? Am I doing something wrong?




Let me add a few more details about the model.


We received it from a customer as a Step file and it came with colors already set  up. We have a specific appearance recommendation based off of material types so we have a custom material library that has appearances assigned to it. Our procedure is to remove all appearances from the model that was sent and then assign our materials to the individual parts. This gives the parts their appearances.


Newer Update.


I noticed that all the pieces were in lightweight. When resolved the appearances returned. In this situation I was only experiencing issue number 2. I am going to go check where I was seeing the other issues and see if this resolves it. If anyone can speak to why Lightweight would cause this to happen, I would be very interested. Thank you