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Continuous sweep / loft between 2 segmented rails / paths.

Question asked by Dave Mucci on Sep 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by Mark Biasotti

Coming over from Rhino where this was called a 2-rail sweep.


I'm trying to use a single command to create a continuous surfaces between two "paths" or "rails" made up of multiple surface edges.



I can get close to what I want with the Sweep command by clicking "tangent propagation" like so,



...however as soon as I select an edge on the other surface body as a guide curve the tangent propagation goes away:



How do I use both multi-edge paths as the "rails"?


in Rhino I'd select all the tangent edges of "Rail 1", then all the tangent edges for "Rail 2", then select the profile curve and bam, the profile curve would run the rails creating surfaces.