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Wire Cabling Order with Discrete Wires Doesn't Seem to Work

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Sep 28, 2020

If I have some symbols with wires running between them and I want to specify a cabling order, it does not seem to work correctly.  I would chalk this up to a deficiency in SWE or operator error, except that I can do the same thing with cable cores and it works correctly.  Here's an example:



Suppose I use Wire Cabling Order to specify that J7:1 goes to X2:3, J7:2 goes to X2:1 and J7:3 goes to X2:2 like this:

If I associate cable cores to these wires, it all works correctly:

If I disassociate the cable cores and try to do this with wires directly, it simply doesn't work.  I can assign a wire gauge and color to the wires on the left and show the wire labels:


So far, so good, but all my attempts to show the corresponding information on the right side have failed.  What I have noticed is that each wire on the left has exactly one entry for Wire Properties:



whereas all the wires on the right have either 2 or three entries:



So, am I doing something that isn't allowed?  Or am I missing something?