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How can I adjust ALL location parameters for an object (a circle)?

Question asked by John F. on Sep 26, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2020 by J. Mather

I feel bad asking such a basic question, but there's something fundamental about Solidworks I'm not understanding. This is the second time I've used the program. I have attached my part file and a pdf showing what I'm trying to replicate (it's homework). I have two questions:


1) Im having difficulty placing a circle exactly where I want it in SW (more on that in question 2). So I said, fine I'll just place the circle anywhere and then using the Parameters tab I would move it exactly where it needs to go. My problem is that my parameters are only about the x and y axis, with no ability to adjust height. So my circle is flat against my top plane with no ability to move it upwards, where it needs to be. If I normal my view against the right plane, I'm able to get the height I want. But then, I have no ability to twist the circle. What I mean is, I'm able to "Rotate" the circle (which effectively does nothing, since a circle is a circle at any angle) but im not able to "twist" the circle such that it lays flat against the x/z plane instead of flat against the x/y plane. I hope this is clear. 


So mainly, my point is that I'm unable to adjust everything about a figure. I can't seem to adjust it in all directions and in all rotations. Am I missing a tool or a hotkey?


2) This is a more puzzling problem. I can't place the circle exactly where I want it to. I have a figure with a cylinder at one end 32mm from the figure's edge. Hence the circle I keep mentioning; I'm trying to place this circle at that specific point then extrude it. To do this, I have placed a line segment from the center point of the circle to the "figure's edge" of length 32mm. What I want to do is then use the circle tool to place my circle at the endpoint of that line. I would then, in theory, delete the line and be left with just the circle at the correct distance. But I can't do it. I click the line then the circle tool and I'm not allowed to place anything. I can't place anything in the other views either. If I "Free rotate" using the middle mouse button, I'm able to place that circle. But as I stated in the previous paragraph, I can't "twist" it. The circle is in the wrong orientation, with its face not parallell to the top plane. 


Is it not possible to lay circles or other figures at the end of line segments?


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