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How can I create bone fracture?

Question asked by Peter Andreas Timotius on Sep 26, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by Kevin Chandler

Dear all,


Currently, I am practicing to create bone fracture fragments. I used this picture from a paper (Ingrassia et al., 2020) as the reference. In the attached picture, the fractured bone and original bone can be differentiated. However, I just start learning SolidWorks. I am still confused about how to create quite a similar fragment.


So far, I tried to create a thin surface pyramid and loft-cut it through particular parts of the bone. But it showed rebuild errors notification "At least two profiles .... are required to make an open loft."


I would really appreciate it if someone can provide me some insights and suggestions regarding this matter. I am sorry for the structure of my post, too. This is my first time asking in a forum like this. Thank you very much!