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Can't edit Hole Callouts or Hole Table Callouts

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Sep 25, 2020

First of all:

I have my VAR working on this with me and he is looking through it, I am making this post for documentation and for potential comments that might shed some light on the issue.



SW 2018 SP5

I created an assembly using the master model technique.

I think that I need to explain my methods first:

I created a set of 7 different multi-body parts that make up the different "zones" of my fixture.

Here is an assembly with the 7 multi body parts put together (with the customer part hidden, of course).  1 of them is selected so that you can see that it is 1 part.


So the master model part that I am having an issue with is this one:


You can see that it has 31 different bodies.

My method that I am using it so break this body up into separate parts and re-assemble them back into an assembly (all while remaining parametric back to the original master part) is the following:


So, in order to save the hole wizard data, the only way that I know of is the following process:

1) Create a new part

2) Use Insert--->Part... and make sure that "Hole Wizard Data" is checked.


3) Then select the body that I want to keep for that part and use this function:


So that no matter what new bodies I add to my master part, THIS part will only ever have this body in it.


4) Then, when I create a drawing from this part, the hole wizard data comes through.



So, I have 7 different master model multi body parts in my project.  These master model parts are broken up into 111 different individual parts that I then created all my assemblies and sub-assemblies from:

Here is the Sub assembly made up of the parts from the master model part shown above:


Here is one of the parts that is in this sub assembly:

You can see that I have inserted the master part, then deleted the other bodies, then added my engraving.


The problem(s):


Problem 1:

So when I make a drawing from any of the parts that originated from this master model part, I can add hole callouts and hole tables....but I cannot actually edit the "dimension text" area of the property manager.  It looks like I can edit it at first....i.e., I can add text to the field, but as soon as I hit the green check, everything resets back to the way it was originally.  And it never actually updates the graphics area at all.  This is true for both Hole Callouts and Hole Tables.


Problem 2: 

I also cannot edit the tolerance area for any of these callouts.  I can select it in the Property manager but, like the above, it does not update the graphics area and as soon as I hit the green check and come back into it, it is reset back to the original. (However, I CAN change the precision, which doesn't really make sense)


Problem 3:

On all the hole callouts from the above master model part, if I used the "legacy hole" hole wizard as a counter bore, then the smaller of the two holes in the counterbore comes through as .000 on the Hole Callout in the drawing, no matter what I do.


On the parts that are deriving from OTHER master model parts for this project, NONE OF THESE problems are an issue at all. (at first we thought that this was a registry issue, but once we noticed that it was working on OTHER master model parts, it looks like it might be something else)


I cannot see any difference between the master models or how I brought them in to their indiviaul parts to be able to troubleshoot this.


I have sent both the working and the non-working master models/individual parts/drawings to my VAR for them to compare them to see what is different.


It COULD be a corruption issue, but if it is, don't really have time to fix it.


Like I said above, this post is partly for documentation and partly for the community to chime in, in case someone has seen something like this and can help troubleshoot it.


Thanks for reading!