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Static analysis with motion simulator (layout modeling)

Question asked by Serhey Moroz on Sep 25, 2020

Dear simulation fellows


I love modeling in Layout space (Assembly mode), easy to create rigid bodies and apply weight / center-of-gravity to it.

Works awesome for motion simulation when parts are moving. However, what I recently found, I was not able to calculate forces in static mode when parts are not moving. All the components have mass and should create moments and forces under gravity.


In my case I was trying to calculate the reaction forces and rotational moment.


Please take a look at my sketch attached. That represents a concrete block, with piping support attached to it, and a number of pipes sitting on it. Easy to draw, easy to apply all the masses. I was wondering if I can quickly get the reaction forces and moment that act to concrete block.


I can definitely support my block with spring dampers, get reaction forces from there, should be able to calculate rotational moment from there too. However it is not as quick, reliable, and accurate as modeling an entire system.


I am wondering if anyone came across similar situation and was able to develop / discover an easy strategy. I really believe that Solidworks does not have a proper tool for such case in such module.


Looking forward to hearing from you


Thank you all