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Virtual Meetings

Question asked by David Matula on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2020 by Rick McDonald

Don't you guys love the way that all our meetings for rollouts and user groups have gone virtual? 

Take a look at how they are being scheduled also.  

Rollouts where from about 3pm to 6pm.  They would include getting out of the work environment meet up and network with other users.  See more members of your VAR, along with being able to get something great to eat. 


This year.  looks like we get to stay at work log on be distracted by people coming into the office, to just causing a commotion in the area.  Then if you happen to work at an office that locks up promptly at  5pm or even 5:30 you could end up missing out on part of the Rollout. 


Yes this year is looking bad for having great big meetings, so we are having to change the format to try and keep some semblance of normalcy going.  Lets think about our users a little more.  What kind of work schedule are they under? 

Would you really let some of your workers sit and watch a webinar for 3 hours? 


There is the same thing with the user group meetings that have been scheduled.  Who can get off at 5pm and make it home get settled down and be ready to log into a virtual meeting at 5:30?  Who would want to wait at work? 



Schedule meetings more for after work to give people time to get home, get some dinner, and get unwound some before having to log into a meeting.  


Break the meetings up into smaller segments.  This way you don't end up lose an attendee to them starting to do some work and then they miss something that is important.  


Record the meetings and then edit them to take out the fluff, and rehashing of info from the previous meetings. Who is going to tune in to a show that keeps telling the same story?  


Remember that your attendees time is valuable and they are giving up a lot to come to a meeting and if you intend to keep them there or to block out an hour of time, it should be well worth the time. Just try to make it a time that more people would be likely to attend.  


It would be awesome if we could turn on notifications for the meetings.  I have no idea how many I wanted to attend and I just got busy and time slipped away and it was half over, and then I would log in to find that the presenter had finished his presentation in less that half the allotted time.  So threw the app meetup it would be great to send a morning reminder.   Hay there is a meeting this evening!!!!!    

Then an afternoon or lunch reminder....... 

Another one that comes out  30 min till and 15 min till, and 5 min till. 

yes you can set a calendar notification to do all of that but why have an app if it does not do everything for you?  

That or the meeting leader could send out notifications, or even the presenter.  


The best thing for virtual meetings would be to just have the meeting with or without people, recorde it and post it up on social media and let the world watch it.  I have an x-coworker that turned teacher.  He records all of his live classes with his students and post them to youtube.  So then his students can go back and watch the class again especially when he is showing them how to do something in SolidWorks, or A-cad.